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We offer Therapeutic Hair Replacement For Men, Women & Children.

Hair Replacement Beverly Hills Hair Design

Beverly Hills Hair Design offers a solution to men, women and children suffering from hair loss due to male and female pattern baldness. In addition, Beverly Hills Hair Design also specializes in offering therapeutic hair replacements to those clients who have hair loss due to burns, accidents, chemotherapy and alopecia areata, including other medically related hair loss problems. In many cases your Beverly Hills Hair Design hair replacement is covered by your medical insurance and is tax deductible.

Beverly Hills Hair Design was founded more than 20 years ago with the belief that the customer should feel and look as good as he or she deserves. Sam Russo, owner and proprietor of Beverly Hills Hair Design, developed his hair replacement system dedicated to the idea that clients should receive nothing less than the very best in hair care service.

Using only the latest technologies and procedures as well as the very finest materials available, Beverly Hills Hair Design hair replacements are custom designed to meet each client’s need. Duplicating the client’s original hair growth pattern when applied, Beverly Hills Hair Design hair replacements look completely natural and are virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Beverly Hills Hair Design is a family-owned business, not a franchise. You receive personalized and expert care from highly trained and fully licensed technicians in private rooms.

  • Beverly Hills Hair Design hair replacements are individually “blended” to match your own hair, added in such a way that you will see and feel your own scalp!

  • Beverly Hills Hair Design hair replacements do not require any form of surgical procedure. The hair replacement system is completely painless!

  • Beverly Hills Hair Design hair replacements become part of your original hair. You may swim, shower, play sports and even sleep with it.

  • Beverly Hills Hair Design hair replacements are light-weight, easy to maintain and look completely natural. You treat it as you would your own hair. You can comb it! You can brush it! YES! You can even shampoo and condition it as you would your own hair!

Call today at (310) 551-1953 or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation. Remember: Beverly Hills Hair Design clients are the ones you don’t notice!

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